09/03/ T IT L ES IN T HIS S ERI ES BIRDS he world of nature awaits you right in your own back. Lyra's Oxford (Lyra and the Birds) · Read more Patricia C. Wrede - Lyra 1 - Shadow Magic. Read more Manual Oxford de Medicina Deportiva. Read more . Lyra's Oxford 9 editions. An exciting new tale set in the world of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials saga. The book is illustrated throughout with woodcut illustrations by John the Hardcover edition.

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    Lyras Oxford - Philip Pullman - dokument [*.epub] His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman: The Golden Compass The Subtle Knife The Amber Spyglass ',,, Oxford, . Editorial Reviews. Review. Attention all serious book collectors and fans of Philip Lyra's Oxford: His Dark Materials by [Pullman, Philip]. THE BOOK OF DUST, the long-awaited new novel from Philip Pullman set in the world of His Dark Materials, has been hailed by the New.

    Jordan College[ edit ] Map with list of fictional colleges from Lyra's Oxford. Jordan College is a fictional college. The location and layout of Jordan College is analogous to the location of Exeter College , [3] Philip Pullman 's alma mater , in Oxford. However, unlike the fictional college, Exeter College is not the oldest it is the fourth-oldest , nor is it the largest or richest college of the University of Oxford. Jordan College is an exaggerated version of the real Exeter College, rambling above and below ground in a motley arrangement of buildings, cellars and tunnels constructed over several centuries: [4] What was above ground was only a small fraction of the whole. Like some enormous fungus whose root-system extended over acres, Jordan finding itself jostling for space above ground with St Michael's College on one side, Gabriel College on the other, and Bodley's Library behind had begun, sometime in the Middle Age, to spread below the surface. Tunnels, shafts, vaults, cellars, staircases had so hollowed out the earth below Jordan and for some yards around it that there was almost as much air below ground as above; Jordan College stood on a sort of froth of stone. Pullman, Northern Lights The name 'Jordan' was inspired partly by the area of Oxford known as Jericho , [4] through which the Oxford Canal passes; an area called 'Jericho' also features in Northern Lights as a mooring point for the Gyptians 's boats. Trollesund[ edit ] Trollesund is the main port of the country of Lapland, which Lyra and her Gyptian protectors visit during their journey to Bolvangar. Trollesund has a witch consulate, which the Gyptians go to in order to get support from the witches. In Trollesund Lyra first meets Lee Scoresby , an aeronaut and prospector who has been stranded in the town as a result of a failed expedition, and Iorek Byrnison , an exiled armoured bear whom the townspeople had tricked into working for them as a metalworker with alcohol as payment. Both Lee and Iorek leave Trollesund with Lyra. Svalbard takes its name from a Norwegian archipelago.

    The name Bolvangar means 'Fields of Evil'. Lord Boreal describes it as having previously been a crossroads between all the worlds. Its main features are quaint restaurants, parasols hung over circular tables beneath trailing plants, wide cobbled roads, and ancient architecture.

    However, it also has electric lights, refrigerators and department stores, thus, this world appears to be similar to ours in many respects while inferior in others such as medicine and transport.

    Its most significant feature is the Torre degli Angeli Tower of the Angels in Italian , in which the Subtle Knife is first encountered.

    The city is plagued by ghostly beings called Spectres. Hence, the city is entirely devoid of adults, and populated only by small gangs of children.

    Spectres cluster around children approaching adolescence and consume them as soon as they come of age. The knife can create windows between worlds, but each window creates new Spectres.

    Lyra's Oxford

    She then goes on to study at St Sophia's College. Its location is approximately equivalent to Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford. Lyra's world[ edit ] The world in which Lyra and most of the characters in His Dark Materials come from. Northern Lights takes place entirely in this world. Will's world[ edit ] Our own world — it is the setting for much of the early part of The Subtle Knife and features briefly at the conclusion of The Amber Spyglass.

    Mulefa world[ edit ] A world inhabited by the Mulefa , and Tualapi. It has a savannah and prairie climate. It is the setting for much of The Amber Spyglass. The Land of the Dead[ edit ] The underworld — in The Amber Spyglass Lyra and Will are carried across a lake to reach its gate by a ferryman reminiscent of Charon of mythology.

    Within the books, anyone who has ever died from any world goes there eternally, where their ghosts are guarded by Harpies. Republic of Heaven[ edit ] The name given to the world in which Lord Asriel builds his army in preparation with war against The Authority. The only known inhabitants prior to the Republic forces are cliff ghasts , like those in Lyra's world. The land is mountainous and shows signs of volcanic activity. Ragi flies above Lyra and hides on roofs to avoid suspicion.

    On the way, Ragi is attacked by some pigeons, but manages to save himself. Ragi also tells Lyra why he needs Sebastian Makepeace's help: Lyra is shocked by this.

    Pan sees the alchemist lying on the floor and witch's instruments nearby. Sensing something is wrong, Lyra continues walking, past Makepeace's house, at which Ragi cries for his witch. Lyra realises it was a trap and now finds herself being attacked by the witch. She moves towards the canal and decides to fight the witch, because this is what Will would do.

    When Yelena charges, a swan rushes past Lyra and attacks the witch.

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    The witch dies shortly after. Lyra carries the swan back to the canal, after which a recovered Sebastian Makepeace takes her into his house and explains that Yelena wanted to kill Lyra and blame him for the murder: Yelena was once Sebastian's lover and their son died in the war that was waged in The Amber Spyglass.

    Yelena blamed Lyra for her son's death. Sebastian helps to get Lyra away unnoticed the dead witch in the middle of the street caused some consternation and she gets back to St Sophia's.

    Back home Lyra and Pan contemplate that day's events: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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