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    Showing all editions for 'Geosystems: an introduction to physical geography', Sort by: Fourth Canadian edition. Toronto: eBook: Document. English. . to Physical. Geography. Third Canadian. Edition. Robert W. Christopherson 4. Physical. Geography is the spatial analysis of all physical elements and. Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography, Fourth Canadian Edition | New Solutions for See the Pearson Canada Higher Ed catalogue for our full line of products from these disciplines. Download Flyer (PDF, 3 Pages, KB) .

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    Geosystems 4th Canadian Edition Pdf

    Test Bank (Download Only) for Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography, Fourth Canadian Edition, 4/E: Robert W. Christopherson, American River. eBook details Authors: Robert W. Christopherson, Ginger Birkeland, Mary Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography (4th Edition) Canadian – eBook. Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography, Fourth Canadian Edition, eBook: Robert W. Christopherson, Ginger Birkeland, Mary Louise Byrne, Philip.

    Full Text crystal chemistry, but most of mineralogy is left for another volume. Petrology and ore deposits are mentioned in various connections, but their detailed treatment is also deferred. Many aspects of seawater geochemistry and atmospheric geochemistry are discussed, although these have already been handled in greater detail in the first t w o volumes of the series. Biogeochemistry is emphasized, as it must be in a book on chemical pollution, but more attention is promised for biological aspects of the environment in a later volume. Tables of geochemical data are not a prominent part of the book, although brief and useful tables are included with some articles and several pages are devoted to an up-to-date tabulation of element abundances in terrestrial and extraterrestrial materials. A random sampling of other topics will give an idea of the book's coverage: buffer systems, chelation, desalination, differential thermal analysis, estuarine hydrology, free energy and free enthalpy, istotope fractionation, lagoon geochemistry, manganese nodules, medical geography, pedology, phase equilibria, radioactivity in rocks. To pass judgment on articles in a heterogeneous assemblage like this is manifestly unfair, because a reviewer cannot claim to have read all articles w i t h equal care and equal lack of bias. But perhaps it is w o r t h noting a few of the papers that impressed me as particularly good, especially for purposes of an encyclopedia: Calcium Carbonate: Geochemistry R.

    Krauskopf, Stanford, Calif. Strahler, Introduction to Physical Geography. After a relatively short time -- the first 2 editions appeared in and - a third edition of this well known t e x t b o o k for college students has now been published. The edition has been extensively revised, emphasizing the w o r l d w i d e character of atmospheric processes and the advertant and inadvertant impacts of man on his geophysical environment, air, water and minerals.

    A new chapter has been devoted to the interplay of the atmosphere and the oceans. Four chapters deal with meteorology, describing the global aspects of radiation and heat balance and including such actual topics as air pollution and climate modification brought unintentionally about by man's activities.

    Some mention is made of the role satellites are playing in the observation and measurement of meteorological and hydrological measurements. The reviewer would have wished, however, to find a more extensive treatment of this new tool which led to a very much better understanding of atmospheric processes and to improved knowledge of the earth resources aspects of physical geography.

    Chapters 8 and 9 are new editions to the t e x t b o o k , describing the hydrologic cycle, the global water balance and problems of soil moisture, evaporation and evapotranspiration. Four chapters on climate classification and the climates of the world complete the description and explanation of our atmospheric, oceanic and hydrologic environment, which f o r m together almost half of the whole text. The chapters on soils and on vegetation have been taken over from the earlier edition w i t h o u t appreciable changes as have the chapters on landforms and the crust of the earth.

    In accordance with the intention of the author to stress in the new edition the earth resources aspects, the chapter on earth resources and mineral resources Chapter 18 has been rewritten.

    In general, the book impresses by its thoroughness and exactness; newest source material has been used knowingly. The book is very well illustrated w i t h many good photos and well chosen diagrams and tables.

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    However, the simultaneous use of metric and " B r i t i s h " units must be very confusing to students, especially as the indication which units are used is not always clear enough and some errors in conversion occurred; rainfall is given either in " m m " or "cm", and so forth. I would have preferred the use of metric units throughout, now accepted internationally in most branches of geophysics, and the addition of the appropriate conversion tables for those w h o still need them.

    Bird, The last comprehensive treatment of the regional physiography g e o m o r p h o l o g y o f Canada was in a book on North America by W. Production of a purely Canadian book has been constrained by a limited market on one hand and an explosion of information on the other.

    Professor Bird is highly qualified for the task he has undertaken. The introduction by F. Hare sets an informal tone for the book, which is intended for the curious traveller and students from high-school to university level.

    Send to a friend. Christopherson Professor Robert W.

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