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Fear Itself – Ghost Rider () October 6, → · Fear Itself – Ghost Rider () October 6, →. Fear Itself Complete Collection. Get FREE DC and Marvel Comic Download only on GetComics. Fear Itself (Chronological Order) + Extras (): The comic “Fear Itself” is a crossover comic book storyline published by Marvel.

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Read Fear Itself comic online free and high quality. has made an awesome discovery a shameful secret that will rock the foundations of the Marvel Universe !. The Serpent, God of Fear and brother to the Allfather Odin, rises to challenge Earth’s Mightiest in a seven-issue event written by Matt Fraction with art by. 10 Results is the source for Marvel comics, digital comics, comic strips, and more featuring Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and all your favorite.

Vehicles: Synopsis for 1st story The Avengers and Asgardians are gathered as Odin mourns the death of Thor at the hands of the Serpent. Odin brings his son's body back to Asgard, where Gaea, Freyja and Idunn meet with him. Soon enough, denizens from all the nine worlds gather for Thor's funeral. Up in Asgard, Odin tells his wives that with his sons dead, Asgard has no heirs and he chooses to abdicate so the All-Mother can rule Asgard. Odin then returns to Earth to retrieve the fallen body of the Serpent, his brother Cul, lamenting that the centuries of trying to prevent the prophecy of Thor's death was for naught. He then returns to Asgard, banishing all other Asgardians to remain on Earth. As the funeral begins, Spider-Man notices that all Asgardians are sitting down. Suddenly, from the funeral pyre rises a new God of Thunder, Thanarus. As the Avengers rejoice, Loki senses that something is off.

Explains Quesada: [10] "The climate in the world today was certainly the inspiration for this as we started to think about the bigger stories for the Marvel Universe," Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada said at a press conference at Midtown Comics in Manhattan.

Roosevelt : "So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance", as indicated by the use of a portion that quote as part of the soundtrack of the trailer presented during the Midtown press conference.

Born at the dawn of time, Cul was subsequently banished and imprisoned by Odin following Cul's corrupt rule, and a prophecy by Yggdrasil that cost Odin his right eye, and which revealed that Cul's madness could only be cured by the death of Odin's son.

Another god of fear, the adolescent Phobos , who is a member of the Secret Warriors , also appears in the series. Brevoort further explained that subtle hints of the storyline were planted well in advance, between approximately 15 months and two years prior to the miniseries, some of which may only be perceptible in hindsight. Brevoort and Alonso explained that although the story also ties into all of the company's other high-profile titles, and presents stakes as high as an " extinction-level event ", the story could be understood by those who choose to read only the core Fear Itself miniseries.

The related titles include the X-Men family of books, [1] [12] with the exception of X-Factor. The main Fear Itself miniseries, which debuted the following month, is written by Matt Fraction, and features illustrated interiors by Stuart Immonen [1] [12] and Wade von Grawbadger and covers by Steve McNiven. Traveling to Antarctica, the Red Skull finds the hammer but is unable to lift it. Many years later, Red Skull's daughter Sin , with the help of Baron Zemo , retrieves the Book of the Skull that contains the location of the hammer.

From Fear Itself 4 September Art by Stuart Immonen. While Tony Stark holds a press conference announcing that his company, Stark Resilient , will help rebuild Asgard in Broxton, Oklahoma following the " Siege " storyline, the Sin finds the Hammer of Skadi, and after lifting it becomes Skadi, Herald of the Serpent. She then frees the Serpent from his underwater prison, after which seven celestial objects fall from the sky around the globe. Learning of the Serpent's escape, Odin withdraws his people from Earth against the protests of his son Thor.

Along with Skadi, the Worthy go on a rampage all over the Earth for the Serpent. Among their targets are Washington, D.

During their battle in Washington, D. In Asgard, Odin prepares his people to raze Earth completely in order to destroy the Serpent. Thor opposes this, and returns to Earth. Iron Man requests from Odin the use of his workshop to make weapons to fight the Worthy. Colors by Laura Martin. As Thor convalesces in Asgard, Odin gives him his own battle armor and the Odinsword, Ragnarok, for a last suicide mission against the Serpent.

Iron Man and the dwarves of Svartalfheim present eight newly forged weapons, each designed for a specific Avenger and containing both his repulsor technology and uru the same metal composing Thor's hammer. They throw them into a vat of boiling uru — into which Iron Man himself leaps — to receive Odin's enchantments. In Broxton, Captain America raises a militia of armed citizens who wish to remain to fight, and along with the Avengers, prepares for a final confrontation with the Serpent and the Worthy.

They confront the Serpent's forces and are joined by the people of Broxton and Captain America, who wields Thor's hammer against Skadi.

The Worthy are vanquished from their hosts when Odin summons their hammers away from them, and Thor kills the Serpent at the cost of his life. As Thor and Bucky are mourned by their allies, Odin returns to Asgard with the corpse of his brother Cul, sealing off Asgard from Hermod and a number of other Asgardians , who are left on Earth. The Stark-Asgardian weapons are returned to Asgard to be melted with the exception of the Red She-Hulk, who retains hers , and Iron Man presents Rogers with his reforged shield, now stronger for its uru-infused enhancements, despite the scar it bears.

With the world believing him dead, Bucky returns to his former identity of Winter Soldier, performing special operations, developments to which only Steve Rogers, Nick Fury , and Black Widow are privy. Odin sacrificed his right eye to receive wisdom from Yggdrasil, which prophesied that to heal his brother, Odin would have to sacrifice his son. Art by Salvador Larroca. Issue is an anthology issue, with different vignettes focusing on the Raft breakout starring Warden John Walker and convict Crossbones.

The Thunderbolts later battle aquatic mutants rising out of Lake Michigan. Mark's Church , a woman in labor in need of a hospital and an attack by the Thing , who has been turned into Angrir. He and a group of mercenaries are trying to exploit the panic over the events in Paris to steal France's nuclear arsenal. From the cover to Fear Itself 2 July Art by Steve McNiven.

The anthology miniseries Fear Itself: The Home Front explores how the events of the storyline affect the ordinary citizens of the Marvel Universe, much as Civil War: Front Line and Siege: Embedded had previously done with the " Civil War " and " Siege " crossover storylines, respectively. The series also follows the investigation of an abandoned Thule Society headquarters by Jimmy Woo and the Agents of Atlas , Liz Allan 's encounter with bank robbers as she tries to escape New York City with her son, Cardiac 's attempt to help a health care industry CEO whose son has meningitis, Blue Marvel 's discovery of a submarine harboring antimatter samples off the coast of Kadesh , Mister Fear 's realization that the Serpent and his Worthy have surpassed his ability to induce fear in people, American Eagle 's attempt to deal with the fear and chaos in Bleachville, the Great Lakes Avengers ' confrontation with the forgotten villain Asbestos Man and the attack upon Amadeus Cho , X , Spider-Girl , Power Man and Thunderstrike by a group of samurai Shark Men after the former group is teleported onto a station in the Pacific Ocean.

Kaya claimed the master bedroom; your sister, Gia, and you shared the bunk beds across from those occupied by Camile and Milani, while Coretta took the fold-out sofa. All were situated by nightfall and cans were opened as sausages grilled on the stove. With the generator awaking from its seasonal sleep and the cabin groaning in welcome, you settled in for a late night of cards and rowdiness. The first morning greeted you in a golden dawn. You drank your coffee on the dock and spent most of daylight reading a book in the sun.

The hours were punctuated by empty cans and drained bottles. You fed your buzz enough to relax and lose yourself in the natural lull of the lake. After dinner, you tried your hand at fishing and after an accidental dunk into the stream, you returned with the other girls to the cabin.

Drinking games to end the night; one in which you did not reach your bunk, awaking at the table in shame. The next day, the rest of the girls wanted a trip to the waterfall. You had several more days at the retreat, you could go tomorrow.

You helped clean the dishes from breakfast and bid the girls farewell as they boarded the boat for the opposite shore. A day alone would be nice. You had never minded solitude. In fact, you had hoped for it. The idea of being trapped in a small cabin with half a dozen others had been intimidating. You had trouble enough with just your boyfriend in your cell-like apartment. You watched them roar across the lake, the engine fading to a distant whir until the noises of birds and critters were the only left.

You hung your legs off the dock as you dipped your toes into the water and basked in the ambiance. The soft ripples eased the stone set in your forehead.

Fear Itself | Viewcomic reading comics online for free

You pulled your feet up after a while and went to grab your book from the kitchen table. You changed into your bathing suit and grabbed your sunscreen. The sun was strong today. You opened a can of cider and sat in the low deck chair as you opened the novel and delved into fantasy.

A sword shining in the dark; a gloom most sinister on the rise. The water and summer breeze mixed to lend a calming vibrance to the dock.

You sighed and rested your book across your chest as you leaned your head back. It had been what, an hour since they left. You loved how time seemed to slow down here. How you could just be; not think. Your eyes popped open as you heard a distant rustle in the trees. You shrugged and set aside your book to sip on your cider. You had seen a deer earlier that day, some other critters hung around when they thought no one was looking.

Near the outhouse, you had even thought you saw wildcat. Kaya said it was possible but not likely. Another rustle. The snap of a twig. You drained half your tall boy and peered around your chair up into the trees. Whatever it was, it would scare itself away. You stood and stretched in the sunlight.

You went to the edge of the dock and onto the large flat rocks that led to the water. You dipped down into the shallows and squeaked at the chill. Your body attuned to the temperature and you ducked your head under, rising with a gasp.

It was nice. Your headache started to slake away. You heard the jostle of leaves and again glanced towards the forest. It did sound so much like there were footsteps out there. You tried to laugh at yourself but the shiver that went up your spine kept your self-deprivation at bay.

You made your way back to the rocks and climbed up on the dock.

You took the towel from the back of your chair and rubbed your hair and body as dry as you could. There was no one else here.

Fear Itself Comics

You were alone. Of that you were sure. There was no way anyone else could have stumbled upon this little hideaway. You were quite convinced it was only a confused deer. Or an overly zealous rabbit. You walked up past the outhouses and the noise stopped. You exhaled but stared through the trees. You were still curious about what had caused such a ruckus. You saw no sign of flight. The sound had just died. It was almost eerie. Assure yourself it was nothing and you could return to your book.

You sighed at yourself and wandered into the brush. A chipmunk here, a woodpecker above, several other avian calls through the trees. You glanced around at nothing more than leaves and bark. You were definitely psyching yourself out. You finally laughed and turned back. You cried out in surprise at the figure that waited behind you. Your yelp was smothered as his hand went over your mouth and he saved you from falling out of your sandals. You pushed against the tall man in your terror and confusion.

He pressed his palm tighter to your lips and you silenced your murmurs as he shushed. He held you against him, his dark clothing rough against your bare stomach. He watched you as he lowered his hand and you stared up at him with wide eyes.

Even if you screamed, it would be muffled by the branches above and none were anywhere close enough to hear. He released you and stepped back. He leaned against a tree and wiped the blood from the corner of his lips. As you got a good look at him, you realized he was injured.

A man of poorer stature would not be standing. He pushed himself straight and growled as he examined the blood on his fingertips. It was dry; flecks scratched from his flesh. His wounds were at least a few hours old.

You hoped that meant they had not been dealt near here. He reached out and grabbed your shoulder firmly. Your body went stiff as he guided you past him, back in the direction you had come. His tone was steely, his fingers left your skin tender as he rescinded his hand.

He marched you up the steps and you opened the screen door. He caught it behind you and followed you inside. The most dangerous possession they had were fishing knives and those were down in the shed.

He opened and closed each drawer. He huffed and neared the round table. A few half-empty cans remained from the night before and the deck of cards in a crooked pile. He pulled out a chair and sat heavily. His dirty blonde hair hung in sweaty knots around his face, his thick beard a shade darker. His narrow blue eyes shone beneath long lashes as they never stopped searching.

He wore a dark blue uniform; some sort of combat suit. A harness stretched across his broad chest and the belt around his waist was lined with several pouches.

8Marvel Comics Timeline_ Dark Reign - Fear Itself _ All Timelines.pdf

His boots were worn and covered in grime and what looked to be even more blood. There was more crimson along his shoulders, small cuts along the corner of his lips and top of his forehead.

You could guess that he had won the fight, even if he had taken a few blows himself. When he had grabbed you in the woods, you had felt his strength. Even in his state, he could easily overpower you. He watched as you opened the slatted door beneath and pulled out the metal box.

It looked to be right out of the seventies. It must have been as old as the cabin. The man stood as you set the kit on the table and he kicked open the cooler.

He resumed his seat and placed the bottle down beside him. He dragged the box over to him and undid the metal clasp. He stirred through the contents and pulled out gauze and the small bottle of peroxide. Then he fished around for a spool and a curved needle.

That was reassuring. He shifted in his chair and pulled off his fingerless gloves. Next he pointedly loosed the buckles of his harness and slipped it past his arms with a pained grunt. He piled each piece on the tabletop between the cans and the open first aid kit. You began to back away as he tugged at the hem of his shirt and he paused. He looked up at you and shook his head.

Despite the hot air trapped beneath the sun-cooked roof of the cabin, you felt ice in your veins. You sat and he finished stripping himself of the sweat-stained shirt. His chest and torso were laced with thick muscles, his right shoulder gashed and bloody. You watched his bulging arms as he reached over to grab the gauze and peroxide. You had never scene a man in such peak condition. Not outside the television screen. The power which lay in his form kept you from admiration. It was more intimidation.

You watched as he cleaned his wound. He hissed through gritted teeth as he touched his tender flesh and blood flaked away. He dumped the reddened gauze on the table. He unscrewed the cap of the gin and drank heavily before he reached for the needle. He sterilized the metal in peroxide before he began the agonizing work. The only sign of his discomfort was the tic in his jaw.

Fear Itself Vol 1 7.2

Time dragged by as he wove the stitches. He glanced up at you when he finished, his brow lifted and he tilted his head. Then you did. There was something behind them. The crystal-like irises could not disguise the darkness beneath. This man had been good once but now…something had corrupted him.

You listened as he cleaned the needle and wound up the thread. He packed it up with the unused gauze and closed the box with a click. The gin swished as he lifted the bottle and swigged. You kept your gaze averted until a speck entered the bottom of your vision. You turned to look at the short neck of the bottle.

He held it out to you with a staunch look. You bit your cheek and accepted it. You took a small sip and handed it back. He gulped again and pushed his shoulders back as he looked around. He set it on the table as he turned his chair and leaned forward.

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