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ps2pdf: PostScript-to-PDF converter. Table of contents. Overview; Usage; Setting page orientation; Options; Creating a PDF/X-3 document; Creating a PDF/A. Consequently Postscript installers of Postscript resources will overwrite an existing resource or add a new. It turned out that the file had no access rights on the Linux machine. was not precise, but this is because of the age of the postscript language.

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Ps To Pdf Ghostscript

How To Convert PostScript (eps/ps) to PDF with Ghostscript on Windows In this tutorial you'll do four things, if you've already done some of. Ghostscript is an interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF. gswin32c. exe -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pswrite The ps2pdf scripts are work-alikes for nearly all the functionality (but not the user interface) of Adobe's Acrobat(TM) Distiller(TM) product: they convert PostScript.

For other information, see the Ghostscript overview and, if necessary, how to install Ghostscript. This document describes how to use the command line Ghostscript client. Ghostscript is also used as a general engine inside other applications for viewing files for example. Please refer to the documentation for those applications for using Ghostscript in other contexts. The command line to invoke Ghostscript is essentially the same on all systems, although the name of the executable program itself may differ among systems. For instance, to invoke Ghostscript on unix-like systems type:. There are other utility scripts besides ps2pdf , including pdf2ps , ps2epsi , pdf2dsc , ps2ascii , ps2ps and ps2ps2. These just call Ghostscript with the appropriate if complicated set of options. You can use the 'ps2' set with eps files. The interpreter reads and executes the files in sequence, using the method described under " File searching " to find them. The interpreter runs in interactive mode by default. After processing the files given on the command line if any it reads further lines of PostScript language commands from the primary input stream, normally the keyboard, interpreting each line separately. To quit the interpreter, type " quit ".

I am still confused why do I have to invoke gswin64c. You don't have to use gswin64c directly.

Solved: Using Ghostscript to Convert PS to PDF - PTC Community

And it does work for me. TeX Live On the other hand, ps2pdf command is actually a script ps2pdf. However, the option you use does fails. It's safe if you use them, however. I'm not sure what -c save pop mean. It seems that this option cause the problem. Without this option, everything is Okey. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you agree to our terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Because the PostScript and PCL interpreters cannot determine when a document terminates, sending multple files as input on the command line does not reset the PageList between each document, each page in the second and subsequent documents is treated as following on directly from the last page in the first document. The PDF interpreter, however, does not work this way.

The PostScript interpreter, by contrast, would only render pages 1 and 2 from the first file.

ps2pdf(1) - Linux man page

This means you must exercise caution when using this switch, and probably should not use it at all when processing a mixture of PostScript and PDF files on the same command line. In many cases, this is because of incorrectly generated PDF.

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Acrobat tends to be very forgiving of invalid PDF files. Ghostscript tends to expect files to conform to the standard.

PostScript to PDF conversion

In the past, Ghostscript's policy has been to simply fail with an error message when confronted with these files. This policy has, no doubt, encouraged PDF generators to be more careful.

However, we now recognize that this behavior is not very friendly for people who just want to use Ghostscript to view or print PDF files. Our new policy is to try to render broken PDF's, and also to print a warning, so that Ghostscript is still useful as a sanity-check for invalid files.

If you provide PDF to standard input using the special filename '-' , Ghostscript will copy it to a temporary file before interpreting the PDF. For the official description of the EPS file format, please refer to the Adobe documentation in their tech note Devices that produce gray or RGB output have an additive process color model. Devices which produce CMYK output have a subtractive process color model. Devices may, or may not, have support for spot colors.

Note: The differences in appearance of files with overprinting and spot colors caused by the differences in the color model of the output device are part of the PostScript and PDF specifications. They are not due to a limitation in the implementation of Ghostscript or its output devices.

With devices which use a subtractive process color model, both PostScript and PDF allow the drawing of objects using colorants inks for one or more planes without affecting the data for the remaining colorants. Thus the inks for one object may overprint the inks for another object.

In some cases this produces a transparency like effect. The effects of overprinting should not be confused with the PDF 1. Overprinting is not allowed for devices with an additive process color model.

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With files that use overprinting, the appearance of the resulting image can differ between devices which produce RGB output versus devices which produce CMYK output. Ghostscript automatically overprints if needed when the output device uses a subtractive process color model. For example, if the file is using overprinting, differences can be seen in the appearance of the output from the tiff24nc and tiff32nc devices which use an RGB and a CMYK process color models.

Most of the Ghostscript output devices do not have file formats which support spot colors. Instead spot colors are converted using the tint transform function contained within the color space definition..

However there are several devices which have support for spot colors. This allows Photoshop to simulate the appearance of the spot colors.

In contrast, I find that I can use ps2pdf as a post-processor during routine document creation. On the other hand, there are some documents for which ps2pdf may be much slower than Acrobat Distiller.

Caveat user. Many users report that the combination of ps2pdf with Acrobat Reader is superior to using a generic PostScript viewer psview or ghostview , particularly for documents with many pages where the navigational support in PDF files reduces the overhead involved in navigating conventional PostScript documents.

Acknowledgments Thanks to George N. All rights reserved. Ghostscript version 7.